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Is it Time for a Second Opinion on Office 365 Security?

Posted by enCompass on Thu, Feb 02, 2017 @ 03:09 PM

Office 365 securityA recent Gartner report from May of 2016 estimated that 78% of enterprises use, or plan to use Office 365 within the next six months, up 13% from a previous survey taken in 2014. Talk about market share! The business case has been easy though... Office 365 gives businesses communication and collaboration tools with minimal up-front costs and next to no ongoing maintenance costs of managing the solution in-house. No upgrades, no new servers, easy and flexible scalability. It is clear from the numbers Microsoft doesn't need any help in selling the solution.But what about the security concerns surrounding Office 365? 

While Microsoft provides robust security for customer data held in their cloud, there are still some security factors to consider. One of our antivirus partners, Sophos, produced a whitepaper Enhancing Office 365 Security – What You Need to Know. They quote the aforementioned Gartner study that found 40% of Office 365 users are securing their deployment with third party security solutions to fill the gaps in security for their network, the most common being:

  • Firewall and Web Security: A secure web gateway to protect and control end user internet access or a firewall to secure the organization perimeter.
  • Email Security and Continuity: Although there are available add-ons through Microsoft for Email Security, many customers report issues with spam and malware getting through and prefer to use a third party resource for this. 
  • Next-Gen Endpoint Security: Office 365 doesn’t provide defenses on endpoint devices against dangerous malware threats such as ransomware.
  • Email Continuity: Office 365 has a 99.9% SLA, but just 0.1% of downtime translates into more than 8¾ hours per year. 

Is your Managed Service Provider working with you to ensure your deployment of Office 365 is secure and yet still easy to manage? Are you taking advantage of all the security features available within the solution, in addition to supplementing to ensure you are protected? Is it time for a second opinion on your current IT support solution?

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